Wednesday, May 4

Oh, Sunny Day!

Today was another beautiful day - probably the best so far, as there was minimal wind. We took the kids out after lunch today for a walk and I realize I need it just as much as the babies! I haven't done anything active since January 4th and boy, can I feel it. Each walk we've taken this week has been noticed by my hips, legs, and butt. I've been a little sore each day after and a even a little more exhausted than usual about an hour after the walk (fresh air is serious business!).

Craig finally admitted that he noticed the weight difference between Kelsey and Drew - I've been saying it for almost 2wks. But then I never noticed how HEAVY our cat was until I picked him up after holding one of the babies! I mean if there were more hours in the day I would think about putting him on a diet, but I really don't need any projects right now;)

The babies are still doing well: eating, pooping, and sleeping regularly! And getting the recommended "tummy time" every day thanks to drill-sargent dad, who doesn't let us slack:) This is our last full week with Craig. He goes back to work Mondays and Fridays until school is finished in June and then I return to work once Craig is home.

                                                      Kelsey doing tummy-time on my lap.

                                                 But then we realized she just went to sleep!

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