Wednesday, May 25

Two Months Old

Happy day to our babies! I've been *telling* Craig and my mom that there is still a pretty big difference in weight between Kelsey and Drew and today proved right. Craig says he doesn't notice a difference and my mom thinks Drew is "catching up". Well, chubby Kelsey is 7lbs 12.5oz and squirty Drew is 7lbs 5oz. For their adjusted age Kelsey is doing good according to the growth charts, besides Drew's large head size he is falling fairly low on the charts. But no worries; the doc says they look good and have both gained over 2.5lbs in a month.

Last night Kelsey rolled over from tummy to back 4 times. She's such a strong little girl! Drew seems to be ticklish - Craig's been trying to get them to exhibit voluntary responses to us. It was also shot day - 3 (!!) of them and a drinkable one. They screamed and got really red right after the first one but quickly calmed down when we dressed and held them. Drew has an umbilical hernia, which will likely heal itself by one year and Kelsey has 2 hemangiomas, which may eventually go away. Otherwise I'm trying to decide if I want to get them eating at the same times during the day, each day to be in a routine before I go back to work  - so that I know I will/can feed them every morning before I leave for work.

Another craptastic day - hope you all get to take a rainy nap!

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