Monday, May 2

Happy May & Hurry Up Summer

I'm still waiting for *nice* weather. I know some of probably thought it was pretty awesome outside this weekend but that wind was nasty yesterday. I really want to be able to take the babies out in the stroller even for short walks just to get them out of the house. Last night Drew was letting us know that no matter what we did he was gonna whine. So Craig had enough and said we are taking them out for a walk. Thankfully the wind had died down and sure enough both kids crashed on the short walk around the neighborhood. I have been praying for decent weather this weekend so that we can go watch Craig in his first softball tournament on Saturday. But now they are saying RAIN - BOO! We have plans to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum Thursday for the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit and because it's free!

Again we are looking at other babysitting options. We have arranged a loving, willing "grandmother" to watch the kids but up until I called for her address last week had NO IDEA how out of the way she is for us (oh and her price is right). So with gas prices skyrocketing, it's all about location, location, location! I'm trying to get an Alverno College nursing student to take all late afternoon/night classes so she can watch the twins. She wants to be a pediatric nurse anyway and what better practice! Or she could find a "friend" and schedule opposite classes and they could tag-team the babysitting duties:) See, I have it all figured out - now I need to actually find the people that will fit into my master plan.

We have been watching the babies plump up and grow and have decided we are not sure who they look like. We aren't going to make any permanent decisions until they are 6 month old little people! It's possible that they won't really look like either of us because they will have so many different features from both of us.

Babies in the swing together - Thanks to our friend Jill for making them snuggle:)

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