Saturday, May 28

Gosh, No Pics Again!

On Thursday we met with the babies' sitter. She only takes care of her own grandchildren, has a great backyard, and is fluent in "baby" - although her youngest grandchild is 2.5 years old. She was very eager to hold the babies and seemed okay with the 'twins' thing. We weren't worried that we wouldn't get along with her but that taking on 2 at one time would be overwhelming to the sitter. But it sounds like it's all going to work out! She is located a little out of our way but Craig and I are willing to work it out, knowing we have a reliable, trustworthy sitter.

This morning we had pictures taken. I considered them 'newborn' pics, even tho they are 2 months old. But it seems that just because they are newborn size, they don't act like one. They were much more awake and that whole laying still because babies are too tired to much else did not apply to our kids. Oh well, I am absolutely positive that photos will be perfect and can't wait to share them! We even jumped outside for a couple - the foliage was so green but the weather was craptastic:)

We will most likely spend Memorial weekend indoors; it doesn't look like the weather will cooperate until Monday. And then it's supposed to be HOT and HUMID! Yuck - guess we can't get warmth in this area without that gosh darn humidity:) Hope everyone else enjoys a bit of the weekend!

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