Friday, April 29


I know that kids grow "up", get "bigger" but when the twins were born so little it was hard to imagine them ever getting to newborn size. Really they aren't yet; but preemie clothes fit to about 5lbs and we had been noticing that the preemie sleepers were getting short on them. So yesterday after their baths we upgraded them to their first newborn outfits. Kelsey definitely needed to move up a size - she wasn't able to stretch her legs out fully in the preemie clothes anymore. Drew looks a little drowned out in his newborn sleeper - I think I put it on him so that both babies were the "same" :) But the sleeves are too long so he can't find his hands. There is a 6oz weight difference between the twins and we can certainly tell when we pick them up. I guess Drew is just going to have man-up and start bulking up!

And a big shout out to one of my best favorite cousins turning "dirty 30" today! Have a happy day Stef - We Love You!


  1. Awe so cute! The kids will go back and forth on who weighs more, and who is bigger and I bet one day Drew will just pass Kelsey up for good!
    Love the photos, they're so cute...

  2. I have a feeling Drew won't pass Kelsey up till he's 18!! - especially if he takes after his dad:)

  3. They look like plump little babies. I love the pixs. They are sooo awesome!