Saturday, March 5

58 days...

8 weeks. Not that I'm counting. That's how long I've been on bed rest. I have only left the house for appointments, which for my sanity were once a week for a while but unfortunate because that meant something was abnormal, and my sister's wedding. I was trying to rationalize out loud to Craig how it's probably better to be on bed rest in winter because what am I really missing? It's easy to lay around when the weather is snowy and/or cloudy and cold. I haven't had to bundle up to go outside or trudge thru the un-shoveled sidewalks to get to work.  But if this was bed rest day 58 in the summer, sure I would have missed some great things: Summerfest, parties, the beach, most likely a friend wedding or two, Craig's softball tournaments (but really that's like bed rest because I sit for long hours and watch game after game), or just doing anything outdoors. Although if it was summer, I could "bed rest" outside in my favorite lawn chair. Just imagine the rockin' tan I'd have by now! And Marty loves chillin outside in the grass in summer - we actually have to trick him to come back in.

So that was the one-sided conversation I had with Craig in the doctor's office yesterday. Sometimes I just need to talk and he listens and if he doesn't add to the conversation, I just keep talking! By the way, my appt was unremarkable. First time in 8 weeks and 7 appts that we got out of the doctor's office in under an hour. Maybe because it was Friday afternoon and they staff was motivated to leave on time or that all was well with me so there was nothing to talk about. No appt next week but soon we will start going twice a week for non-stress tests (NST), growth ultrasounds, and general doctor follow-ups. If my cervix doesn't change at the next appt, we can stop checking on that. And some of you know how they ultrasound the cervix, so it will be a relief to be able to leave that "area" alone until a baby comes out of it!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, even though is seems a little crappy out there. Craig is playing softball today, so send him warm thoughts! (I know you're thinking softball already? But he's missed 2 tournaments for sure and I guess you can play softball year round. It's local and whatever helps him feel like he's not on bed rest too.)

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