Sunday, March 27

Quick update - NICU day 2

We went down to see the babies during their 10:30/11:30 care time. We were able to take Kelsey out for bit. The nurse told us that early this morning they did residual checks on them to see if they could feed them more via tube feeding and both babies bellies weren't empty. So they held the rest of the their feeds today - this is all common in preemies; they aren't use to having food in their stomachs yet. I was there when the doctor was doing their check up - same doc that was in the room during delivery. He is also putting them on the bilirubin light - also normal for preemie babies to need this. They don't look jaundiced, but their lab levels are getting high. He also said they can start trying to feed them again so when we go back down there for the 1:30/2:30 care time, we will be able to syringe feed their tubes.

The nurses say they are both doing well overall. The NICU nursery is so peaceful, and the nurses are patient and helpful and great. I am being discharged today as we expected. We plan on staying thru dinner; I have to get a pertussis/tetanus titer shot, pack up the room, and leaving instructions. It will also be so hard to leave them tonight, to go home without our babies.

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