Monday, March 28


We were able to leave last night without breaking down - mostly because of the terrible jokes we were sharing on the ride home. Knowing both of us, mostly Craig, laughing is easy. Telling silly jokes is even easier. So we got by on the fact that:
A. We were having them tested for "tiger blood"
B. They're starting Drew on a new drug, it's called Charlie Sheen
C. And they are of course, "Duh, WINNING!"

It made us laugh instead of cry, which is all I wanted to do. I got up early today and went in by them for 2 sets of cares. I was able to do skin-to-skin holds after their feedings, to help my milk come in. That's a whole other issue; I've been pumping regularly, but since they were early, my body needs to figure out that it's okay to send the milk early. I'm trying to stay positive and have patience because it can take days before it happens.

We are heading back in this evening when Craig gets home. The nurse and doctor assure me they are doing very good. Kelsey is a heart-breaker - she can seem inconsolable in her isolet "nest" and I just wanna grab her and hold her, but can't. Drew is a heart-stealer -  he is so content in his isolet, takes his feeds well, seems more relaxed.

Craig's first diaper change with Drew

Baby Drew in his isolet nest, with bilirubin light turned off

Baby Kelsey with her bilirubin light and eye protection on

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  1. Love the photos. You guys are doing great. Hang in there and take it day-by-day. Love you.