Sunday, March 13

Maximum Capacity

If there was a meter or gauge on the front of my abdomen, the arrow would be on the "F" for FULL. But you know when you fill your tank with gas and you can go past the "F", I figure that's what I'll feel like in another couple of weeks! The past week has been me trying to figure out how to roll out of bed and find a comfortable sitting position when I'm not in bed - both nearly impossible tasks. It's like watching a beached whale. Not because of sheer size, but I don't know how to maneuver this weight so I get "stuck" like a whale does when it makes it to the beach:) There are heads poking out of my side; appendages flailing everywhere. I wish I could add 2 inches between my rib cage and pelvis so that I can push their head and feet out of my ribs. Oh and because there isn't enough room for them (all my fault), they are rearranging my organs and the nightly heartburn is intense! I do have something to get rid of it, but it is SO chalky and foamy that I have to gag it down. So to complain a little bit: my back hurts, there are uncomfortable pieces of my babies in my ribs, and I don't want to drink anything because then my bladder becomes a trampoline.

I'm a little bummed that Craig and I weren't able to take the "Twins Childbirth" class through the hospital. 1. Singleton pregnancies ARE different from twins. 2. We could have met other couples in the area also having twins. We were supposed to start the "Twins" class 2 weeks after I was put on bed rest. So we cancelled and signed up for the online class - which was good for Craig because even though I didn't learn anything new I haven't already read in my pregnancy books, it was easier than Craig having to actually read:) The online class was interactive with videos so it held Craig's attention. Thankfully my "multiples" book (on loan from my favorite multiples mom) has a couple good chapters on bringing 2 babies home, NICU, breastfeeding, and whatever comes along. Because not only are we first time parents, we are new parents with 2 babies. I'm a planner; I like to be prepared!

Not a whole lot of happy thoughts in this post so I'll try to end with some. My good friend Nikki came to visit Friday night before leaving for Colorado - to see her fiance and finish some wedding planning:) I haven't seen her since we went dress shopping for the wedding in December and she brought boppys for the babies! We also received the cutest preemie outfits from a couple of ladies I work with. Our ever faithful bed rest visitors Melissa and Rich stopped in shortly last night, because Rich was on call, and brought cute little "rub-y" tag animals (you just gotta see them!), super soft blankets, and a monetary gift to use on ourselves when we can "go out" again (which feels like forever away - I crave a nice dinner with wine and dessert, getting a little dressed up). Melissa also brought over her dog Miller, who is smaller than our cats and annoyed Marty with all his energy!

So I have two appts this week. Yay to get out of the house twice in one week; Nay because I never get out of the doctor's office in a reasonable amount of time.

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