Thursday, March 3

Oh Em Gee

So I've been hearing alot about this and it's all over the television and I just gotta talk about it: what is up with Charlie Sheen??! I mean it is obvious he has lost his freakin' mind but keep it to yourself! There was no need to go on prime time t.v. and awkwardly answer personal questions. I have heard it all - mostly because daytime television is the backdrop of my life nowadays (while I'm working on the computer), and EVERYBODY is talking about it every day. Even when the t.v. goes off in the afternoon and the radio goes on, Charlie Sheen is.STILL.THERE! The radio was using this "Charlie Sheen quote generator" from his recent interview. In case you've been under a rock this week, here are some of Sheen's classic one-liners:

*I have tiger blood.
*I'm not bipolar; I think I'm bi-winning.
*I'm on a drug - it's called Charlie Sheen.
*I have one speed, one gear, it's GO!
*I cured my addiction with my mind.
*Dying is for fools.
*I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars.
*Duh, winning. (a repetitive statement of his)

This guy has 3 divorces, 4 children, and now lives with 2 girlfriends. I just don't get the people that are given everything don't have enough sense to know what to do with it. That's it really; I just needed to get that out or just to talk to someone. Craig is at the batting cages tonight, going to a poker/dinner in Oak Creek tomorrow night, and has a co-ed softball tournament this weekend. He's lucky he has the day off next Friday to hang with me:) But it is March already - we are in the home stretch!! Fingers (and "legs") crossed for 6 more weeks. Craig has finished putting the baby gear together and now it is strewn about the living room...kinda like, now what? Next week when Craig has more time, we can start arranging for our new life. Bed rest was making my skin crawl but I was pretty sure I wanted these babies to stay inside because that's all I knew - I wasn't ready to take care of them on the outside! But things are different/changing. I'm feeling more ready, ready to see them, hold them, not be confined to the bed or couch;)

It's a birthday shout out to Ma Bonin and everyone's favorite surgeon Rich Carballo!

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  1. I'm a little under a rock :) The only TV on is Nick Jr or Sprout... so sad! But Jason tells me a little bit about what he hears on the radio from his long drives and the MoM world mentions it since twins are involved.
    Anyway - I TOTALLY have tiger blood :) Meow!

    Your house is turning into home for your two little owls. Hang in there, you're in the homestretch mama! I can't wait to get my (clean) hands on your baby owls :)