Sunday, March 20

Just a Bitter Sweet Symphony

All week Craig and I were excitedly anticipating the "family" baby shower. It ultimately means more work for Craig because the shower has to take place at our house due to the bed rest. But he is/has been a champ about preparing our home for guests - also my mom, who came Friday to start the cleaning and party organizing. It wasn't only a baby shower; Craig made plans with male family members - our dads, uncles, cousins - to tour the Lakefront Brewery, planning to make a day out of it for everyone, since most of our family traveled at least an hour to attend the shower. All in all it was going to be a "perfect" day, but as we got closer to Saturday, some unhappier life events were affecting our family - and with very heavy hearts, Craig and I got ready Saturday morning hoping to see a silver lining.

My grandfather was admitted back into the hospital after previously coming home from a successful surgery. There were a lot of ups and downs while he was inpatient and it was decided that going to a nursing home for rehab was going to be the best for all. A year and a half ago my grandpa had heart surgery in the same hospital I worked in; I originally directed him to see his heart surgeon and I was able to "request" a great anesthesiologist to ensure he would receive the best care that day. He did great and only required a week's stay before he was recovered enough to go home. I visited him EVERY day, either before I started work, on my lunch break, or before I went home for the day and came in on the weekends. He was in a different city a long way from home and I felt I needed to be there to offer some familiarity and to make sure he was being taken care of!! It was Grandpa's goal then to come down to the shower yesterday to "repay" the favor and visit with me since being on bed rest. So the admission to the nursing home upset him more that he wouldn't be able to see me and Grandma said she left him with tears in his eyes.

Our best good friends and favorite parents of twin boys had a terrifying event with one of their boys Friday. Jax had come down with some virus earlier in the week and any cold/illness can really do a number on him. It seemed like he was going to get past it but it would just take a little longer. Annie took Jax to the pediatrician again Friday and his lungs wanted no part of it! His oxygen levels fell dramatically, resulting in an ambulance ride to Children's, where it was determined his cold had progressed into pneumonia. He's still in the hospital, receiving antibiotics, staying hydrated. Annie and Jason, being the absolute wonderful people they are, had the audacity to apologize for the fact that Annie wouldn't be attending the baby shower. I know she was looking forward to being there/out but you take care of that sweet little boy; and don't worry, I plan on cooking these babies for a couple more weeks!

The worst part of the weekend was Saturday morning. First I couldn't believe my brother was answering my text at 8 in the morning. Then I got a phone call from him and he said he and his fiance weren't coming to the shower. If you know Derek then your first thought is that he's joking. I was about .25 seconds away from putting my foot in my mouth when he sniffled and said, "Kyle died in a car accident last night." I almost dropped the phone. Derek had known Kyle for 13 years; they were roommates after high school and most recently Derek had chosen Kyle to be his best man in 6 months. He was a great friend to the entire family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and long time girlfriend.

I could just kick myself for not taking ANY pictures at the shower - I didn't take any at the first shower either! My sister wanted me to tell everyone the "status" of the babies and I said no because it's not really good news and who wants to share that at what's supposed to be a celebration. I could have also pointed out the miracle at the party, to put a positive spin on premature babies. Craig's cousin had their second child when she was only 24wks! She was small enough that her dad could put his wedding ring around her wrist. Well, today she is a beautiful, 'normal', fully functioning 10th grader on her way to getting her driver's license.

It's raining pretty good here -  which is appropriate for this somber post. I love rain showers as much as I love sunny days.

Anyway, we received really great gifts yesterday and are almost "ready" for babies. I'm including some pictures of a couple items that called to me, but we truly loved everything.

Baby moccasins, since they will be 1/8 Oneida

Stuffed owls that my 11 y.o. cousin sewed herself! So talented :)

And just plain cute!

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  1. Oh no :( I'm SO sorry to hear of this sad news... hang in there.
    All my luv...