Tuesday, March 22

Appt Update

Yesterday we met with the specialist for biophysical profiles on each baby. They each scored normal which includes: fetal tone/movement, practice breathing, adequate amniotic fluid pockets, and heart rate. This only means that the babies do not need to be delivered in the next couple days. The doppler studies of their umbilical cords was the same as last week - at this point it won't get better, only worse. There is still resistance of blood flow in the cords, but because the babies are functioning normally, there is no indication that they are in distress and need to be delivered. The doc did say that if I make it to 36wks, there will be no reason to keep me pregnant and there will be serious talks of a delivery date. Is it weird that I just take this info with a grain of salt? I guess the idea of real.live.babies being here in 3wks sounds like a dream, like I'm just going to be pregnant forever. That idea might sound awful to some of you, but I think I've finally gotten use to being on bed rest and pregnant, so why change it?! And people/docs have been commenting on the fact that this has been a "rough" pregnancy for me - but I don't see it that way. At first it was hard accepting the bed rest and the thought of very premature babies, but as the weeks went by I became more optimistic that everything was going to be okay in the end. My cerclage procedure was traumatic in that it was emergent but I recovered quickly and have been "feeling" good ever since. (Now "looking" good is another story! For your own sake, please don't show up unannounced. Example: today I'm wearing a tie-dye softball t-shirt of Craig's that says "I'D HIT THAT" with a pink hoodie, olive green sweatpants and slippers - super cute:))

According to my OB, the cerclage is supposed to come out next week. I'd like to leave it in for...um...like...ever. For the last 10wks it has been, what I believe, keeping me pregnant/keeping these babies in! So it's a lifeline of sorts and giving up that security blanket makes me nervous.

Another NST on Thursday, hoping for reactive babies! And "Diapers for Dad" party on Friday - a version of a baby shower for Craig.

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  1. This is great news! Well, from my perspective since I know that the restricted cord flow never gets "better", so I'm glad to hear it stayed the same!
    You're doing a fabulous job. Those are some lucky little babies to have you. Keep on keepin' on girly! Luv ya.