Tuesday, March 8

When is 27 too many?

Answer: when it is the amount of girl scout cookies I ate in an 18 hour period this weekend. And really there are 28 in a box of Thin Mints, but somehow Craig escaped with his life when he took one from me. I can't say why I ate the entire box from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening; yes, I do love me some cookies and usually I just bake whatever I'm in the mood for - I can make chocolate chip cookies by memory. So maybe I was jonesing for cookies in general. Or it could be all the hype. Those girl scouts torment us by only offering cookies once a year and you order them like two months before you actually get them, so the anticipation is a killer. I'm afraid to open the next box of cookies. It's like once they are opened, there is no stopping, no putting them away for another day.

Fat Tuesday. That's today. Sometimes I forget that Fat Tuesday preceeds Ash Wednesday. Lent is so late this year. Not that we will be 'celebrating' either one of these events, well we are pretty good at joining our Catholic peeps in the "no meat" Fridays tradition. Every year I ask Craig what he's gonna give up for Lent or maybe I ask him in order to remind him of the Lenten season. He never tells me what he gave up; same as this year. But I put the bug in his head. I started to think of what I could sacrifice this year. Usually I go with something food related (not advisable while pregnant) or watching my "potty mouth" (but I'm not in a position to use foul language). So since I can't go anywhere or do anything, I think I'm going to give up labor/delivery and/or birth for the next 40 days. Back when I was 12 or so weeks pregnant, my ultimate goal was to stay pregnant until Easter (making me 38wks). I thought it was a reasonable goal; that's considered full term for twins and why wouldn't any expectant mother not shoot for the best outcome. Well, since then you know the story and it's been a goal just to make it one more week pregnant. But now I'm involving big guns upstairs in my Lenten sacrifice, so it has to stick right?? Have I proved yet that I've totally lost my mind on bed rest?

So peace be with you my friends. And even though this is the church's season for fasting and sacrifice, I know you are all gonna get your Friday night fish fry on, probably accompanied by an Old Fashioned (make mine a whiskey-sour, please, mushrooms, no olives).

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