Wednesday, March 30

Another Day

Yesterday Kelsey had a more invasive line placed because her tube feedings aren't going very well. She still has the exact same amount of food in her belly 3 hrs later so she hasn't been digesting much. The new IV line will help keep her intake/calories up because they can put higher doses of TPN in if her tube feedings continue to not go well. They also think that since my milk has come in (and I'm able to leave it there) and they are now able to feed her that, she will have an easier time digesting.

Drew's been the same...eating like a champ. We did some trial "nippling" with him while putting food in his tube. This gives him the sensation of a full belly while being on the breast. For his first time, he did well. This morning when we tried again, all he wanted was FOOD.NOW! We also tried nippling with Kelsey this morning and the nurse said for her first time she showed good interest.

Their weights have been good. Drew is just a tad above his birth weight and Kelsey a tad below. They were also able to turn D's bilirubin light off before I left today. It doesn't mean it won't have to go back on, but his levels were a lot lower.

We are just charging through the days. We have a pretty basic routine we follow; what times we are at the hospital, when we eat dinner together, what time we crawl into bed, when I get to nap in the afternoon:) Craig and I appreciate all the love and support from you as we get through this time until we can take them home.

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