Saturday, March 26

They're HERE!

Last night they wheeled me into the OB OR for delivery around 11p.m. I had done a "practice push" in my room and baby girl said "yep, my head's ready to come out." So after everything, the long day of nothing happening, premature baby antibiotics, magnesium sulfate (because my blood pressure jumped mid-afternoon and some labs were off) IV drip, the delivery was relatively EASY. It feels good to say that! That something since 22wks of this pregnancy was going to go my way:) A couple of pushes and Kelsey Mabel was born - actually it was, "You're having a contraction. Fill your lungs up and push for 10 seconds." I did that twice. Then felt this release of pressure plip, plop and there was a baby. She cried right away, her color looked good, she was TINY! Then I was worried baby boy was gonna be like, "Hey, look at ALL this room I have now. Let me get comfortable" and not come out right away - the doc said this could happen. But I told her I was feeling another contraction start so I got ready to push. The first one his head presented in my cervix and 2 more big pushes and Drew Kermit was born - a little slimier than his sister but crying and looking good. The NICU staff brought them over to me to see them before they were whisked away to their NICU home.

Everyone is doing well. It will be day by day to see when the babies can come home. They need to breathe on their own, suck/eat (which usually isn't fully developed until 36wks), and remember to breathe. I should be discharged tomorrow and officially OFF bed rest!

That's it for now - my brain hurts and I just wanna chill. Here's some pics, enjoy our little babies!

"Dad" getting ready to go to the OR for delivery!
Me right before I was wheeled into the OR for delivery.

Kelsey - and all her dark hair!

Drew - and there's hair, just blonde.
I actually don't know which one's which - I didn't take the picture and only saw them for a couple seconds. But my guess would be Drew is on the left. Since Kelsey was out first and had time to "look better".

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