Friday, March 11

Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear!

Where do I begin in the random-ness of this post? Oh, yeah...shrimp now being served at Taco Bell? Are your insides gurgling just thinking about it? I won't pretend that I don't eat there; Craig is a closet Taco Bell junkie. Although our visits have been less frequent than in the past...of course that could be because T-bell is synonymous with drinking and hunger pangs after bar close. T-bell cuisine could already be used as a cheap colon cleanse (did I go too far?) but now they are adding seafood. Food poisoning is awful by any means but I just think a T-bell seafood meal resulting in food poisoning would be x1000.

Yay, Craig has off today! Don't worry I have a list of things for us, I mean him, to do around the house! Now that he has the living room situated for babies, there are odds and ends that I want done before we get too deep in newborns. Our bedroom was suffering for a while and finally received a new coat of paint over Christmas vacation but the walls haven't seen decoration love since.

Don't see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World unless you are 13 and a huge video arcade game fan. What a waste of an evening! (Not that we had alternate plans.) And we recently saw Due Date - Zach Galifainakis steals the show in this one. Inception has been sitting on top of the DVD player for almost a month. I guess we haven't been in the right mood to watch it - first, it is a tad longer than most movies; second, it will require full-brain attention which doesn't happen every day.

Anyone else feeling a little Armageddon-ish with all these earthquakes/tsunamis in the last couple years? It's creepy and unsettling.

Today is Cap'n Crunch french toast breakfast. Sounds amazing, I know. Next I want to try peanut butter Cap'n Crunch - yum! I'm not complaining, since usually I eat prepared food in the morning like yogurt or oatmeal, but it's been 50 min since I told Craig I was hungry and can hear him in the kitchen...hope everything is going okay.

Good thing we set this up early for them!

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