Friday, April 15

3 Weeks Old

In about 12hrs the babies will be a full 21 days old! It all seems so long ago with everything that has happened during those days. We are getting through the days and slowly figuring out what works and what doesn't. We are trying to keep their sleeping situation similar to the NICU, hoping to maximize the resting periods during the day. They are super grunty, squeaky little people and we are trying to learn to ignore it! But eventually sleep deprivation gets you and you can't worry about every little noise:)

Yesterday was their first pediatritian appt. They both gained weight since leaving the hospital - K is 4lbs 4oz, 18.5in and D is 4lbs 2.5oz, 18in. The doctor was very impressed with how soon they were able to leave the NICU and says they are doing just fine! Which is a relief because we worried there was SOMETHING we screwed up since leaving the supportive, knowledgeable nursing staff:) We have another appt on their 1 month birthday.

Laying on the doctor's table

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