Monday, April 18


It was kinda pretty when I was up at 5 this morning and I saw the snow in the trees...then I remembered it was the middle of APRIL! All this snow business should be over and done with. I have often said I love living in the mid-west; I like the changing of seasons and actually prefer winter to spring. But once the seasons start to change, I like to leave the previous on in the past and not re-visit:) That's all for my rant today; just ready for warmer weather (it could be my cabin fever from 3 months of being indoors).

We seem to get good sleep every other night. And it's okay right now because you know that eventually you will sleep. Because that second night when you are exhausted from not sleeping, you don't hear every little squeak and grunt over the monitor and we sleep until one baby is actually ready to get up. Drew had to be woken up twice to eat thru the night-early morning. And Kelsey lasted 4hrs in-between feeds early this morning too, so Craig and I slept really good from 6 till 9.

We had fun family visitors this weekend who brought cute gifts or good food or helped with a feed or just some general socialization with the outside world!! There were aunts, an uncle, cousins, "second and third" cousins:), grandma and grandpa, and step-aunt and uncle. It was the first time most of these people have seen Kelsey and Drew.

The city health nurse is supposed to come over after lunch today to do a general assessment of not only the babies but of the living environment - to make sure they are safe. At first I didn't want them to come, but now I realize they will probably weigh the babies and I can see how much they've gained since Thursday.

This is Marty being needy - he just HAD to sit between the girls holding the babies!

Kelsey and Drew napping in our bed after a morning feed while one of us showers.

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