Friday, April 1

1 Week Old!!

It's been 1 week since my water broke! It's hard to believe. I can't tell if it's been a long or fast's just been. I totally forgot it was Friday - it just feels like another day. We are happy to keep moving forward.

The babes are doing well. Kelsey was able to come off of her bili light - which was a nice surprise when I showed up this afternoon. Drew is growing fast - his weight last night was 3.62; up almost an ounce from yesterday. K's weight has been slower but her feeds were held for a while when she wasn't digesting her food. Otherwise the whole goal is to keep them growing!

Craig had a little bit of a rough week just knowing he was at school while I was with the babies each morning. But I have to remind him that right now I'm trying to get them comfortable with breast feeding and it will be much more helpful if he can be home when we bring the babies home. He knows what's best for us, but his heart is in the NICU.

Here are some pics I promised. Sorry they aren't very clear. They were taken with Craig's cell phone because I pulled a rookie new mom move and left the camera at home because I had uploaded some photos :(

First family pic! (Craig has Drew - I have Kelsey)

Kelsey left - Drew on right

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