Monday, April 25

Chubby Bunnies

We had good but short Easter. It ends up being a long day when you don't stay in one place for very long and have to travel up, over, and down southeastern Wisconsin. We just wanted our less-mobile grandparents to have the opportunity to see the kids.

Today was their 1 month doc appt and I was quite interested to see what kind of weight gains they had made. Kelsey was 5lbs 1oz and Drew, our squirt, 4lbs 11oz. The nurse practitioner was not impressed with D; she wants us to wake him to feed him more often - which explains why he's our "good sleeper" right now (and K is our "good eater", obviously!). Otherwise they are doing well and we don't have to go back until 2 months, which will be a major vaccination appt - Yay! Good thing Craig will be with me for that appt too.

Grandpa Bob's first time meeting the babies

Craig's grandma with Kelsey

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