Wednesday, April 20

Getting bigger

The city health dept nurse brought 2 nursing students with her and I felt better about having them come over; I mean I was a nursing student once and I know how boring my community health clinical was so it was probably a good change for them to be able to get out of the clinic. Depending on how "off" their scale is, Kelsey and Drew gained good weight - we'll find out for sure on Monday when we go back to the pediatrician for the 1 month appt. But K was 4lbs 9oz 19in and D was 4lbs 8oz 18.5in. So apparently we are doing something right since they've been home:) And they certainly look/feel "bigger" to us.

No one slept real good last night; it's not like I'm telling you people something you don't know about having babies! They were both fussier than normal and when I went in their room to soothe them back to sleep, they would just start up again 5min after I laid back down! We win some nights and we lose some:)

Will post some new pics next time...

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