Wednesday, April 13

We did it! (I think....)

Made it through our first full day, that is! The first night home (Monday) was fairly sleepless and the babies seemed restless in their new surroundings. We managed through it and got up Tuesday morning armed with coffee:) Kelsey and Drew found a pretty good routine of waking up every 3hrs to eat. Drew is working out some gas issues, so we purchased gas drops yesterday. It seems to distract him from eating, and he wasn't taking full bottles yesterday. But usually once Drew crashes after eating, he's out. Kelsey on the other hand is a bit more fussy and awake after she eats and sometimes needs extra cuddling time before we put her down.

Last night we were a little more exhausted, so I say we got more sleep but really because we couldn't physically stay awake no matter how worried we were about the kids! We also had to wake them up thru the night because they were pushing 4hrs since eating last. And by "we" I mean ME - Craig didn't hear me get up to do diaper changes. So I had to tell him it was time to feed "our" babies:) I always sleep better in the second part of the night, which is after their middle-of-the-night bottle, around 2 a.m.

So far Marty has been okay with the babies. He's not too fond of their noises and then barks at them. They don't seem to mind his barking but it bothers us when it doesn't stop! I don't think Marty likes it that we bring the babies into bed to feed them (right now that's where their feeding supplies are kept and we have no where else to sit upstairs). He walks up to them and sticks his nose in their face when they are sitting in their vibrating seats.

Craig put Drew next to the animals - they weren't too sure about him!

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