Wednesday, April 27

Bed rest was good for me????

Did I just say that? Are you rubbing your eyes to make sure you read that correctly? Yes. I made this realization last night. I ran out to find Kelsey a spring/summer jacket because almost all of her 0-3 month clothes are sleeveless tanks or dresses. I also have not been in a mall since December 27th, hitting the after Christmas sales, so it took all my will-power to *only* shop for my babes:)

So it went like this: I went into the store and first came across the cute argyle polo I had been eyeing up online and - of course - it was on sale! Then I spot the outfit I wanted to get for Drew to wear on his first birthday and - get this - it's on clearance! I end up grabbing a couple more things on clearance and then find the cute little jean jacket I originally came in the store for! The whole experience felt like a big win for me and I would have kept shopping had I not promised to be home around 7 with ice cream.

What does this have to do with bed rest? Well, it kept me out of the malls and stores preventing me from going hog-wild buying clothes for my unborn babies. Sure I can/could have shopped online but then I only buy what I need because I do not like paying for shipping when I could drive to the store and pick it up. I was lucky to have made out of that store only $40 lighter and I felt like I got great deals - me=winning:)

Otherwise we are just one big happy family! And totally looking forward to our first night out with friends, since the twins came home, in a week and a half:) Can't wait to see Annie and Jason!

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  1. haha,this made me laugh!
    I'm going to be doing a big "buy" next month at the outlets for summer clothes and I have to use restraint too! It's hard sometimes, but it must be hard with cute GIRL CLOTHES!

    We are SO looking forward to next weekend!!