Monday, April 4

Opening Day!

Anybody lucky enough to be in attendance for the Brewer's 4th loss of the season? Craig and I joked last week that we could now go to opening day because we had a "baby-sitter" - an expensive baby-sitter but also the best:) Seeing as how the game was pretty uneventful, we are glad we weren't serious.

The kids are doing so well at breast feeding. Drew is taking so much that we are able to give him less thru the tube. Kelsey takes it well but becomes disinterested after 10 min. They become pretty worn out after the breast feeding attempts so there are days we only try once but I try to get 2 "breast attempts" in daily. Today K is 3.11 lbs and D is 3.8 lbs. K's IV should come out in the next couple days and then her weight gains will level out like D's.

Today I also noticed that there was a discrepency in the gestational age they had written on the bed side charts compared to how far along I would be, if still pregnant - 35wks 1day. But they had 34wks 4days written down. I don't think it hurt anything except that they have had me trying breast/bottle feeding earlier. I guess we all make mistakes!

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