Saturday, April 2

Laundry made me Sad

I know in a past post I may have said how excited I was to do the laundry again - that I actually missed it! Now that I am home and feeling good, I was able to run down and do a couple loads of the kids clothes and not have to rely on Craig. Well, there happened to be a clean load in the dryer last night that Craig had done the day before. So I was folding it, realizing most of it was Craig's clothes but what was mine was maternity stuff - bed rest garb. It was a bit of a smack to the face that truly I wasn't pregnant anymore and that I have babies. I know that sounds a little weird but we've been in an altered state of being the last week. We went from labor and delivery status to worried about NICU babies and never had the down time to realize the change.

Altho we have great news today. We came to the NICU today to find out Drew was getting his IV taken out because he was doing so well on his feeds. We also did more "nippling" with him and the guidance of the lactation consultant and he did so well the nurse didn't have to give him as much thru the tube. He also jumped up in weight to 3.8 lbs!! He is getting closer to coming out of the isolet and coming home:)

Kelsey has been tolerating feeds and finally pooped on her own. Up until today, they would give her a little "poop helper" suppository which is normal for preemie babies (to need help pooping:)) She also is growing like a weed - 3.99 lbs! It's probably because I told her she is the big sister and she needs to stay that way for when they come home so Drew doesn't beat her up! (Because I am the older sister and I know all to well that you have to stand your ground!)

Otherwise Craig and I are going to try to have a night out, just for dinner. Something we really enjoy but haven't been able to do since before Christmas. The last time we were even "out" together was New Year's Eve. So we are REALLY looking forward to it and since the kids had such a good day, we should definitely be able to enjoy it.

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