Thursday, April 7

Mr. Mom

Well, let's see...I'll re-cap what's happened this week.

Kelsey's IV came out Monday (yay, one less line to worry about). Both of them have been alternating between bottle and breast feeds. Sometimes the feeds go well and other times they just can't wake up enough or seem to care to want to eat, so we just gavage it into their tube. They are getting ready to come out of their isolets and into cribs so the temperature in the isolets has been lowered daily until it reaches room temperature. Then they watch to make sure the babies can maintain their body temp without assistance. So it is a combination of body temp and weighing around 4 lbs to live in cribs. K was 3.13 lb and D was 3.12 lb - we are getting close!

I came into the hospital yesterday morning and found the nursing staff had dressed the kids in *real* clothes! It was so cute to see them look like actual babies. Previous families donate clothes to the NICU so that if there are malfunctions, our clothes won't be ruined:)

Craig with both babies! I was busy pumping to feed these hungry kids:)

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  1. Love that pic.
    Can I give you some ex-NICU advise? Throw each kiddo in your own clothes. If they spit up, or a tube leaks, or whatever, it's ok and a good memory on the piece of clothing. You'll treasure photos of the babies in those clothes that you'll keep forever, and it's nice to see the photo of them in it and then hold up that preemie sleeper 5 yrs later and MARVEL at how they didn't even fit in it. They'll never be this tiny (under 4lbs) again, and you'll want to catch a shot of them in it.
    I'm so upset to not have even more photos of that time, but the ones I have are GOLD to us, and to compare them with the clothes I've saved is amazing.
    Try it this weekend, you'll see what I mean in a few years ;)