Sunday, April 10

Home Tomorrow?!?

We have had big moves in the NICU since Friday. First they combined the twins into one space instead of separate "patient" slots to open up bed space for a potential baby admission. So we were learning to live in fairly cramped quarters Friday evening because the kids were still in their isolets, but they were both weighing very close to 4lbs, 3lbs 14.9oz and 3lbs 14oz, and would hopefully move into cribs by Saturday morning.

And so they did!! We came in yesterday morning and they were kickin' it like big kids in cribs. Kelsey finally pushed over the 4lb mark - 4lb 1.1oz and Drew was *just* under at 3lb 15.9oz. They had been taking regular bottles at all their feeds from Friday night to Saturday morning so the nurse asked the Neonatologist if they could go "ad lib" - which means there is no scheduled feeding/waking times; they let the babies wake on their own and dictate when they need to be fed or changed. The nurses will not let them go longer than 4hrs without eating but will also not run to them if it's been less than 2hrs since their last care.

This means LOTS of stuff - firstly anxiety, because they could potentially be home as early as TOMORROW night!! I know I've just wanted to bring them home ever since they were born, but now we have to really be the parents! And all the things we were going to do this week, preparing the house, getting the odds and ends errands done before the babies come home, has to be DONE.NOW. It seems so ironic now that last week Craig decided regardless of how the babies were doing, he was going to start paternity leave tomorrow.

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